The real challenge for any teacher is to inspire students!

Within the framework of the academic discipline "Architectural and structural design of medium-rise residential buildings", together with the student of the group ISA 3-54 Rakhimjon Rakhmonov, we continue to work on the solution of the new appearance of the capital of Azerbaijan. The place for the implementation of this idea was chosen not by chance — this is Baku White City. An ambitious urban development project on the shore of the Caspian Sea. 

We have determined that the main style direction of this part of Baku can be parametric design, reflecting the characteristic directions of the development of modern architecture.  

The works of Rahimjon are presented below.

You can view other works of the author at the address on the Web: jowaa | джоша (@jowaart) • Фото и видео в Instagram

For me, as a leading teacher of the course, it is important to understand in what direction the student is ready to work, what he is interested in. This takes a long time. When the boundaries are marked, we begin to develop the image of the future structure, think through its design, details of technological equipment. Thus, we consider all the vital aspects of project practice through complete immersion. The difference between the training and the real process is only in the absence of a project task on the part of the customer. The student learns to critically evaluate their work and, in a sense, acts as a customer himself. In life, such an opportunity, which gives complete freedom of creativity, is rarely provided.


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