Why is it necessary to learn Russian?

Riga - the capital of Latvia
Riga - the capital of Latvia

Attacks on the Russian language do not subside. They sound especially poignant on the part of the Baltic states. That they can be forced to do it again, while they do not need Russian at all. And they don't even want to hear about it. But, unfortunately, narrow-minded people, blinded by anger and self-interest, say so. 

The Baltic states refer to their famous compatriots who allegedly support an unbridled campaign to eradicate the Russian language. However, this is a lie of ill-mannered people who dishonor their state. It is necessary to explain to such people that the Russian language is called great because it was spoken by outstanding personalities at different times, who left a significant mark in the development of human history. Like, for example, Peter I.

Russian was the native language for Baratynsky and Pushkin, Bellingshausen and Vitus Bering spoke it.

And those modern Balts who made their careers during the Soviet era, known both in our country and in their homeland, who speak Russian perfectly, will never stoop to insult the great Russian language. Because this will hurt their own pride.

Among them is Biruta Pavlovna Kantsane - the chief architect of the Lipetsk region. Born Latvian. I have never heard a hint from her that it is not necessary to learn Russian, that this is an unnecessary, completely harmful activity, useless and painful. Not. For Biruta Pavlovna, her honor and dignity are much more important than these rude attacks on speech proclaimed by her insane compatriots, for whom, I am sure, she is very ashamed.


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